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This section of the website covers the fees that are applicable to your arbitration.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all the things that we do for our users — selecting an arbitrator, negotiating fees, managing the finances, supervision — we can do more conveniently, more effectively and at less cost, than could the parties themselves. This is where we believe SIAC adds value to arbitration.

SIAC tries to do its part to keep the cost of arbitration in Singapore competitive. As a not-for-profit organization, SIAC only seeks to recover, by way of fees, what it costs SIAC to provide its services. It seeks, above all, to give value. Our fee scales reflect these guiding principles.

How the Fees Apply

SIAC's fee structure is a simple one.

Where a case is conducted according to SIAC's arbitration rules, or where it has been submitted or referred to SIAC for arbitration, parties pay an administration fee. The administration fee is pegged to the amount of the claim or counterclaim according to a scale.

In cases falling outside SIAC's arbitration rules, where SIAC is asked to appoint an arbitrator, we charge an appointment fee. The arbitrator appointment fee, on the other hand, is a flat fee, not dependent on the amount of claim.

Arbitrators' Fees

Arbitrators' fees are ascertained according to a quantum based scale. Hourly rates no longer apply.

Other Fees and Charges

If you seek the assistance of the Registrar of SIAC to tax costs, the charges for these services are also set out in this section.

We also assist in the arrangement for facilities and support services, whether in conjunction with an arbitration that SIAC administers or otherwise.
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